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Formal Analysis of GRAVITY part 2

The task (which we will discuss in class on W 5/27):

  • Write a short and concise comparative analysis of the theme of isolation in Gravity and  2001.
  • Base your analysis on a critical examination of the use mis-en-scène. I have provided a set of images as references. Feel free to select or reference images of your own choosing.


  • I will look first at the precision and formality of your language. Be as specific and as technical as possible.
  • I will also be look at how clearly you explain your interpretation in visual terms. Being articulate is more important than being "right."
  • I will also be looking at how carefully your analysis is composed and edited and that you have addressed each of the required prompt.
  • I think that one to three single-spaced pages is a reasonably guideline for length.


  • You should submit your assignment via Moodle by M 6/1 at 5:00 pm. Additional details on Moodle.
  • This assignment is worth five (5) points.

The images:

From Gravity at 72:20:


From 2001 at 77:02:


Long take follow-up

This article by film scholar David Bordwell is a detailed critical discussion of the purposes and uses of the long take.

The following is a compilation of long takes from Children of Men:

Children of Men - every shot 45 seconds or longer from Refocused Media on Vimeo.

 And here is a feature on how the long takes were accomplished:


Here are links to the excerpts we watched in class: Russian Ark (1 & 2), Big Night, Citizen Kane, The Long Good Friday, Birdman, and Children of Men